What I Have Been Up To

I’ve been Lichtensteined.






During the summer 2015, I spent 2 weeks traveling around the Pacific Northwest and western states to research an upcoming book-The Simple Guide to Nature for Writers. It’s a book about how the experience of being in nature is necessary for writers and how we need to get outside to revive our creativity from time to time. The research made the writing an almost meditative process because being able to write after a long hike or a morning of paddling was the perfect combination of peaceful exercise and work.


Mini-Me and I dressed up as Rosie the Riveter for Halloween





Me with Nichelle Nichols DCC 2015

I met Nichelle Nichols at Denver Comic Con 2015. She is my hero! Not only did she play a powerful female role as a starship bridge officer but was the only African-American playing a leadership role on TV in the 1960s. As the story goes, MLK called her to tell her to stay on the show because her acting was making a difference. I am so honored to have met her.



Jason and I meeting the AWESOME Michael Hogan

I cannot over-exaggerate how incredible friendly, kind, outgoing and welcoming that Michael Hogan is. We have been avid Comic Con geeks for years, and every year there is one person who stands out as being a truly good-hearted human being. If I could choose my neighbor, I would like to live next to Hogan.

7-26-2014 122
My daughter insisted that we both dress as fairies for the Renaissance Festival


One of the things that turned me off when I was a kid was boring adults. So, if my daughter asks me to dress up with her as a fairy to go to Renaissance Festival, I’m in! Life is too short for beige t-shirts!

P Adventure
One of the books I wrote for my babies


Some moms bake, some knit, some sew and some sing lullabies. I am marvelously lacking in such a variety of talents, but I can whip out a story. Over the course of a year, I cranked out ten books for my children. My daughter invented the character Princess Adventure and my son was The Curious Viking, and I created stories to honor their imaginations and sense of wonder.

Con 2014 Jabba
Yes, I look completely manic while pointing a blaster at Jabba.


2015 was a year of joy! Not only did I get to visit Comic Con but I was invited to speak about virtual content creation.
Traveling with my own personal Viking. Life is sweet.