And Here I Am

If ten years ago, anyone would have told me that I would be chasing two wild children, teaching 150 teenagers a quarter, and turning to writing as my drug of choice, I wouldn’t have been able to peel my astonished jaw off the floor.

Ten years ago, I was an avid runner, snowboarder, and hiker.  I liked my job but I didn’t dedicate every moment to it.  I read every day (typically 2 completed books a week), spent time having lunch with girlfriends, and planned out my social calendar weeks in advance.

Today, life is different. Being a parent and teacher means that my energy is spent helping kids–my own and those of my community.  I wouldn’t change the last few years for the world, but the changes mean that without as much exercise, nature, and girlfriend time, I have sought out other means of refueling my soul.

After opening my LLC to do contract work, I morphed the business into an independent publishing company. Writing has become my go-to savior.  I have two children’s books published now and several more in the publishing line up, including a series of Spanish-English books.  Writing has been a significant contributor to what little sanity I have at the end of the grading-tutoring-teaching-cooking-cleaning-playing-and toy managing day.

Join me in the journey of writing, reading, and life balance by following this blog.

Princess Adventure: Hiking the Hills

The Curious Viking: Why is the Sky Blue? 


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